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The Dresses. Henriette. supia rosy.

Hi! A little photosession.
The dresses.

If you see more photos, please, click on here: http://suenooscuroatelier.blogspot.com.es/



bjd clothing store
I recently started studying fashion design and with a classmate we opened a small clothing shop online for SD.
This is the link.
You have some photos with some of the dresses.
thanks for watching, have a nice day.

All clothes is Ana O'malley and me.

En el Retiro.

Henriette with afghan masterpiece eyes

faun rosy and saint








Belenos and me, he is a delicate boy.



thanks for watch!!

Henriette: supia rosy.
owner: me
Belenos: faun 5stardoll Nanyalin sculpted.
owner: Lyris Laerden.
Albert: dollshe saint.
owner: me.

Henriette and Tristán.





The happy couple.  YEAH! 4 years for see this!

Hen y Tris. Toledo.

Henriette, the lady in red.

Henriette and Toledo.

Henriette, Downton Abbey. (Toledo)

Henriette, supia Rosy XIX
Thanks for wacht the photos!

I've moved.

Here again with another entry.I finally finished the custom of Henriette! She need only eyes definitive, a caribbean eyes of masterpiece that I ordered a few week a go.
She already has her Monique wig, I love that store! and Tristan, too. I bought a new, long, smoother and straight hair because I was tired of seeing one of iplehouse wavy, not finished convincing me the iplhouse wig. I'm buying monique wigs forever, and ever of all my bjds.
I also ordered a mastepiece eyes two pairs of eyes, dresden, and caribbean in 11mm, for Tristan and Henriette (soom spinel and Supia rosy). With that, I'll finish with Henriette and I only lack bicolor oxford shoes for Albert, my dollshe saint.
Here I upload some new pictures of them.
Henriette has new dress ^ ^. I sewed it after moving to town. Now I live in Toledo, close to my country's capital, Madrid, in which I hope to meet many new people and many new BJDs!
To see how it all goes, I think I need a lot of luck.

Thanks for read my poor english.

Tristán. In this photo, he has eyecoltd dresden eyes in 11mm, the Albert's ayes, mi dollshe saint. I think this size is so much better than 13mm for a Spinel of Soom. So I bought a new in 11mm for him.

henriette y su nuevo vestido


foto familia

All family BJD. Dimitri, Albert, Tristán and Henriette in the new room.

tristan y henriette

Lovely couple.


And... well, this is me drawing a new ilustration proyect, Stupydiary Apocalyptic Vol.1.
In the background are the dolls, they are the most beautiful thing there in my room
Thanks for wachted.
Henriette and Tristán

Henriette Vordvick

Henriette and Tristán

Albert-dollshe saint

Albert-dollshe  saint

Albert- dollshe saint

Hope you like it. : D 


Last year I discovered that Earthspirits made ​​this wonderful and very very handsome bjd head:


and... of course! I'm total  in love with this resin head. I love her, it is vital to get this in my life! With this bjd head I will really happy.
I'm saving up to get it slowly because I'm a student and I have hardly income.
It would be the perfect head for a more realistic version of Tristan Veland, my current Soom Spinel.

Now, some photos of my boys with the bjd of other friends. Hope you like it!

Tristán (by Phadme)

Albert (by Phadme)Juuuummmmppp

BJD gathering

Some speed photos of Henriette.

Yay! I have a new camera and I love it! This Christmas, my parents gave me a camera finally Reflex Initiation: nikon D3100.
I've always liked the Canon brand cameras and were more or less understood but hey, I think this Nikon camera and I are going to be good friends.
I'm practicing basic photos and trying different buttons, but I have high hopes of that within not much time to do better things with the photos and can upload material quality and grace.
Here I leave you with some pictures of Henriquetilla, my precious consented girl. I think it's the only girl BJD I think I will have in my family. I love it, it's so pretty ...
Thanks for reading, excuse my bad English.
Have a nice day.

She was sleeping all nights just for meet him.